As mentioned a few times this year, we are looking at possibly changing the format of our Catechetical Program for next year to a Family Catechesis Model. 

The Diocese implemented a policy several years ago that responds to the needs of families today. It includes Adult Faith formation as a key component. This will help parents and sponsors understand and grow in their own faith formation. By participating in Sacramental Preparation and ongoing Catechesis, families will have the tools available to be able to pass on their Catholic faith to their children.
  Many adults have not had any catechesis since childhood and often may feel unprepared to help their children understand the faith. Parents are the first and foremost educators of their children. Their faith is lived out each and every day. By rediscovering the faith we profess, the Church hopes to encourage parents to develop an even greater relationship with God. The hope is that it nurtures a desire to deepen and strengthen the faith that is already there. 

Keeping this in mind, we are proposing several options for the coming year. Please be as honest as possible in answering these questions. As in anything new, it often takes time before things are running smoothly. We will continue to take your responses into consideration throughout the process and for any decision making.
 Please ensure that you fill out all the questions and return this form by March 22, 2020 or sooner as we would need to begin preparing a schedule for next year in the Spring.

Thank you!

We are proposing that we meet once a month for Family Faith Formation. It might look something like this:
Re: Catechesis
 •    We would begin with Mass for Children on Sunday at 11:00am.
 •    Fellowship and  lunch would follow which you would need to bring most times (Occasionally we might provide lunch if the budget allows it).
 •    Prayer and an introduction together.
 •    Children would leave to go to their respective grade classrooms and have their lesson.
 •    Parents would stay behind and continue adult faith formation which coincides with the children’s lesson.
 •    Children would rejoin their parents for a group activity sometimes or to go home.
 •    Links to online material for further lessons, at home discussion, review and learning would be made available.
 •    In total, this could take 3 to 3 ½ hours. 


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