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Estate Planning


Archbishop LeGatt speaks to us about the stewardship of the resources available to us, of his decision to make a planned gift to the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface, and invites us to consider a similar gift.  Mr. Fradette, past Director of Pastoral Services for the Archdiocese, explains that his bequest is in support of formation.


Lawyer Solange Buissé specializes in estate planning and estate administration.  She is featured in videos pertaining to three important legal documents when it comes to succession planning: powers of attorney, health care directives, and wills.

Powers of Attorney

Health Care Directives



Christine Beaumont, Certified Financial Advisor with the designation of Master Financial Advisor in Philanthropy, speaks to us about integrating our philanthropic goals into our financial and estate planning, as well as maximizing our impact on charities that are important to us while minimizing the taxes we pay.


Health Care Directives

We extend a sincere thanks to Ms. Buissé and Ms. Beaumont who have generously given of their time to produce these videos!


Please note that the information shared in these videos is general in nature and that we strongly encourage you to seek independent professional advice in accordance with your personal situation.

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