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A Missionary Church

    Renewing Our Parish

The parishes of the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface are called to become

“Churches that go forth,”

that is, missionary parishes that aim at reaching and welcoming those who do not know Christ or who do not follow him and

growing them into disciples.

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

The mission of the Church is the reason for our existence. It is part of the legacy of Jesus! He calls us to love God, to love our neighbour and to go make disciples (Mathew 22:37-40; 28:19).

In order to live this mission, the Archdiocese henceforth has an action plan that invites us to live and to celebrate our call to holiness, to celebrate our call to holiness, to evangelize, and to build a community in the likeness of Christ founded on love, justice, peace and reconciliation.

The Diocesan Action Plan contains important pastoral guidelines covering the next 5 years:
1. Call upon the gifts and charisma of all the baptized
2. Broaden the outreach of the Gospel and the faith of the Church
3. Assert Catholic identity
4. Give visibility to the Church
5. Develop the spirituality of stewardship

It is my deep conviction that parishes are today the main drivers of the renewal and growth of the Church and that it is in large part through parishes that our diocesan plan of action can be fulfilled. 

It describes the archdiocese’s vision for its parishes: Churches that go forth where priests and laity work together for the development of the parish and the spiritual growth of its members. Several of the document’s guidelines especially stand out: a strong dependence on the Holy Spirit thanks to a renewed community prayer; the accent on creating new disciples who will be engaged in the world and in the Church; strong Parish Pastoral Councils (PPCs) whose members assume pastoral responsibilities and are constantly engaged in planning. Several tools are offered to help in this work of planning.

I am calling upon priests, parish life directors, Parish Pastoral Councils and the laity to commit themselves resolutely to the work of the mission and to the pastoral conversion of their parish in order to make disciples. May the Lord guide and enlighten us so that we may collaborate with the Holy Spirit to make him known and welcomed by all those he wishes to touch and save through his mercy and love, unceasingly renewed.

Archbishop Albert LeGatt

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