New Mass Protocols for CTKP

Updated: Jul 7

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Beloved Parishioners of Christ the King:

We have just received the latest protocol from our Archbishop LeGatt regarding Masses as some restrictions are eased, yet all measures needed to avoid the risk of contagion as required by the government and recommended by our archdiocese must be in place.

We are now permitted to inform our parishioners regarding the times of these Masses.

This coming Sunday, for the feast of Pentecost, we will start with Mass at 9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

The maximum number of people who can attend is 50, including the priest…

Any parishioner who desires to attend MUST call Sister Maria to sign up. (Email: ciccarellim@shaw.ca OR Phone Christ the King Office: 204-257-3300)

Some reminders of what needs to be observed:

  1. We are obliged to lock the doors at the beginning of Mass…so, please be on time. Once door is locked, no one can come in.

  2. Please use only parking lot door entrance.

  3. Please ensure a two-metre (6 feet) physical distancing at all times…in the parking lot, upon entering, inside the church, and upon exiting…

  4. Please ensure that you sanitize your hands upon entering and exiting the church…

  5. Keeping your physical distancing, please go ONLY to the marked allocated places in the church…

pews are marked where each person may sit… (Sorry families, we have to split you up for the sake of ensuring the physical distancing between marked places…)



  • It is strongly recommended that all people attending Mass wear masks… as it maintains a further barrier to infection.

  • Priest will wear a mask only at Communion time…

  • Lector will not wear a mask when reading…


Congregational singing is NOT AT ALL recommended.

Health experts indicate that singing produces 6-10 times more droplets from our mouths than recitation as singing projects viral particles.

In addition to this, a single infected person can spread the virus 5-6 metres while singing,

and there are lamentable cases in the United States of choirs being highly affected by COVID-19 outbreaks.

However, liturgies may still have

an accompanist and a leader of song for music during the Liturgy.

These two individuals must be quite distanced from the rest of the congregation.

Hymnals should be removed from the church pews and stored.


Free-standing basket placed at the door as the assembly gathers for worship.

However, the preferred donation methods remain:

* through direct deposit..

* through the St. Boniface archdiocesan website..

* dropped off in the mailbox at the Lennox door..

* mailed in…


The offertory procession is NOT to take place at this time.

The gifts of bread and wine should be covered and placed on the credence table or altar prior to the Liturgy.


Chalice must be covered by a pall so as to ensure no contamination.

The presider uses his own paten/host..

The hosts to be consecrated for the faithfulin a covered ciborium

The ciborium’s cover is not be removed until the time of the distribution of communion…


The sign of peace is expressed with a bow of the head toward one’s neighbour

or some other culturally appropriate measure from a distance.


It is recommended that the presider go to the communicants who wish to receive.

OR if coming up to Father to receive communion, then physical distancing must be maintained..

Father will let you know…


The distribution of communion is done by the priest celebrant.

The Presider, after receiving and consuming the Sacred Body and Blood,

  • is to put on his mask,

  • sanitize his hands with sanitizer,

  • lift the cover off the ciborium,

  • and only then go on to distribute Communion to the congregation.

Communion is to be distributed on the hand only…

Dispensation from Sunday Obligation:

While we continue to move toward a total opening, the dispensation from the Sunday obligation to physically attend Mass is granted to the faithful until the end of the pandemic.

The faithful are strongly encouraged to participate in Sunday Mass through live-streaming whether from their parish, the diocese or some other source.

In these times, as we go forwards we must remember that Spiritual Communion remains a great way to express our love for and communion with Christ, the Church and one another through the Eucharist.

See prayer below ...

For more details, please check the archdiocesan website.

Also, volunteers for mask-making will be deeply appreciated.

The masks may be donated to parishioners in need of them…or for those in our communities who cannot afford their own…

However, you will have to provide your own fabric/elastic, etc.

Patterns may be found on the internet…

Thanks ever so much.

Let us continue to pray for an end to this pandemic and that Jesus & Mary will enfold all of us with their protection, tenderness, and love.

Sister Maria

Prayer for Spiritual Communion by Pope Francis

At my feet,, O my Jesus, I prostrate myself

and I offer you repentance off my contrite heart

which is humbled in its nothingness and in your holly presence.

I adore you in the sacrament off your love, the Eucharist.

I desire to receive you into the poor dwelling

that my heart offers you.

While waiting for the happiness off sacramental communion

I wish to possess you in spirit.

Come to me, O my Jesus, since II am coming to you.

May your love embrace my whole being in life and in death.

I believe in you; II hope in you; II love you.