Top 10 Reasons to Become a Catechist

June 30, 2016


1 - You will grow in your own faith, learn the teachings of the Church, and deepen your relationship with Jesus.


2 - Your Baptism calls you to share in Jesus’ ministry.

3 - Children, teens, and adults in today’s world, more than ever, need to hear the Good News of Jesus.

4 - Children, teens, and adults in today’s world, more than ever, need to encounter good role models of faith.

5 - You have much to share with those you’ll teach, and you’ll have opportunities to share faith with other catechists.


6 - Today’s catechetical textbooks/resources offer outstanding support.


7 - You’ll be challenged, you’ll have fun, and you’ll make new friends.


8 - You’ll be helping people deepen their relationship with Jesus. (You’ll be evangelizing!)


9 - You’ll be handing on a 2000-year-old Tradition that changes lives.


10- It’s our job: Jesus sent us to “go and teach all nations.”

What other reasons would you include?



THE ROLE OF A CATECHIST is to bring young people closer to Jesus and grow in their faith as Catholics.  Through their service the catechist nurtures and mentors the faith and spiritual growth of the children.



Would you like to know more about joining the Catechism Team? Contact Patti at 

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