A Followup from Last Week's CCCB Plenary

This week Archbishop LeGatt first takes a moment to followup up with us about last week’s annual plenary of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB). Some of the main elements that were discussed, which represent some of the top priorities of the bishops in our country, include issues like those surrounding questions of marriage, life and family, continued reconciliation with our Indigenous sisters and brothers, and planning for the future of Development and Peace - Caritas Canada, the Canadian Catholic Church’s efforts to bring help to those in need.

To conclude, Archbishop Albert shares with us the efforts currently being undertaken by the Archdiocese at large to respond to the orange level public safety measures announced by the provincial government last week. Discussions are continuing and next week, his message will be a presentation of these discussions. Please pray for leaders throughout the archdiocese who are consulting one another in hopes of reaching best practices to ensure safe and secure worship for all!

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