Bishop LeGatt: Let us be One

This week, as events surrounding the pandemic are enfolding and intensifying in our province, Archbishop LeGatt takes a moment to reflect on the attitudes we must embrace, as Christians. How do we love in the COVID era? Now more than ever, seeing our neighbour as a person is vital. In times of great fear, it can be easy to sow division, to see the other as a threat, to judge without seeking to understand.

Now more than ever, it is essential that we heed Christ's call to be One. One Body. One Church. One community. In Him. Now more than ever, let us strive to seek Truth together, for the common good of all.

Discussions are currently taking place at all levels of parish and archdiocesan administration as to how we can best respond to the developing COVID situation, and to the changing public sanitation measures taking place. A new document, adding to the existing archdiocesan pandemic protocol, will be published early next week. Archbishop LeGatt will also consecrate his video message next week to elaborating on these specific measures we will be undertaking, for the safety and wellbeing of all. Stay tuned!

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