Bishop LeGatt on the Assumption and Mary’s ‘Yes’

August 15th is the feast of the Assumption, and is also the occasion during which we typically celebrate an archdiocesan pilgrimage at the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in Saint-Malo. Although this pilgrimage will not be taking place this year because of Covid, Archbishop Albert still invites us to reflect on Mary’s role in our lives. As her Assumption was a reflection of Jesus’ Ascension, so too are we called to join them in Heaven in God the Father’s love and glory. Mary’s Assumption was the result of many, persistent and faithful ‘yes’s’, from the moment of her conception to her death. Her yes was repeated daily, even when things seemed uncertain or unclear. We are also called, like Mary, to say yes to God, every day of our lives: yes to being his hands and feet and yes to faithfully following Him, especially in these uncertain times.

Also! For those of you who have asked, Archbishop Albert's knee replacement went just as expected, and his recovery is well underway. He recorded this message not even a week after the procedure! He is grateful for your prayers and support!

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