Bishop LeGatt : The Family is the Domestic Church

In his weekly message through the current crisis our societies are facing, Archbishop Albert addresses concerns that many families may be facing. Issues, quarrels or difficulties that were already taking place in certain families may now only be exacerbated in this time of social isolation and quarantine. However, this time may also be, for some, one of healing, of forgiveness, of unity. Let us take advantage of this situation of confinement as an opportunity to build our families. Let us make this a time of truly hearing each other, and truly loving each other, that we may emerge from this pandemic better and stronger, together. The family truly is the domestic Church. In this context, Archbishop Albert extends an invitation to all families to attend this year’s Tridiocesan Family Conference. It will be held online this Saturday, April 18th, from 2:30PM to 4:45PM. Spaces are limited for the online experience, so be sure to register today! ➡️ When? This Saturday, 2:30-4:45pm ➡️ How to register? Simply head to ➡️ Who’s invited? Any and all families! ➡️ Find all additional information here:

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