Copy of COVID-19 – Weekly Update No. 7


DATE: May 8, 2020

FROM: Most Reverend Albert LeGatt Archbishop of Saint Boniface SUBJECT: COVID-19 Pandemic - Weekly Update No. 7 __________________________________________________________________ Dear friends, We are pleased to share Weekly Update No. 7 with you. It reviews certain essential elements with a few minor changes.

Please note that there are no new items this week.

I. Reminders

a) Ongoing Temporary Cancellation of Assemblies for Sunday and Weekday Masses The cancellation of assemblies for Sunday Masses, as decreed on May 1, 2020, in Weekly Update No. 6, remains in effect until Monday, May 18, 2020.

b) “Restoring Safe Services – Manitoba’s Pandemic and Economic Roadmap for Recovery” In particular, we will consider the information regarding public assemblies cited on pages 31 and 32, recognizing that we fall into the categories of “public gatherings” and “large gatherings/events.”

RESTORING SERVICES (PHASE TWO) No earlier than June 1 (other than the potential reconsideration of the size of public gatherings in mid-May)

If the results of phase one of restoring services are positive, the following activities and businesses may restart or reopen in a limited manner. Other changes may be considered as the results of phase one are reviewed.

If results during or at the end of phase one are not positive, the province will not proceed with further easing of public health measures and may reintroduce others.

PUBLIC GATHERINGS In addition to any increases that may take effect in mid-May, public gatherings such as social gatherings, worship, weddings and funerals may be permitted to increase, following a review of the health risk and as long as physical distancing can be maintained.


Subsequent to phase two, additional phases will be considered. New phases will be implemented on a three-to-four-week basis, ensuring adequate time between phases is provided to monitor cases and ensure easing and further restrictions are able to respond to the evidence of viral transmission.

While the government continues to evaluate areas for easing in future phases, there are particular considerations for each of the following areas:

LARGE GATHERINGS AND PERFORMING ARTS VENUES There will be no large gatherings or events until at least September 2020. As the situation evolves, Manitoba public health officials will make decisions based on evidence at the time.

c) Resuming Gatherings for Liturgical Celebrations The committee composed of Br. Greg Mulligan (St. Alphonsus), Fr. Vincent Lusty (Swan Lake Pastoral Region), and myself, continues to work toward helping parishes prepare for this reopening, which will happen in stages.

d) Distribution of Communion Outside of Mass The committee composed of Fr. Carl Tarnopolski, Fr. Joshua Gundrum and Fr. Marcel Carrière is finalizing a document (a type of vademecum) with recommendations and directives regarding the distribution of communion outside of the private Masses being celebrated by the priests.

e) Priests’ Private Masses (Sundays & Weekdays) - Now with the Possibility of Having a Small Group of No More Than 10 People Present, Including the Priest It is currently permitted in the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface, to have ten (10) people present for the priests’ private masses. This maximum of 10 people includes the priest.

Parishes can publish dates and times of Masses in the bulletins and through other communication means. We are currently discerning if the time has come to ask priests to consider the possibility of celebrating more than one private Sunday Mass, according to their regular weekend Mass schedule, in the different parishes they are assigned to.

+ Albert LeGatt Archbishop of Saint Boniface __________________________________________________________________

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