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Catholic Schools of St. Boniface 

Catholic schools provide a unique environment in which a well balanced education is provided in the context of a caring Christian community. In a Catholic school a child's spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional needs are attended to through a program that places an emphasis on both academic achievement and character formation. It is our desire to educate students in such a manner that they are challenged to develop their gifts so that they may put their lives at the service of God and of the community.


 A Catholic school features a strong academic program which is enhanced by religious formation. It is an education which takes place in the context of a community of faith as we believe that our salvation and growth are achieved in the context of community. Our values, which are formed according to the Christian faith and Catholic tradition, permeate every aspect of school life. Hence, our students are valued as persons in the image of God and so are treated with due respect and reverence.


The academic curriculum offered in Catholic schools is that prescribed by Manitoba Education, Training and Youth. Our teachers are all fully certified and many have advanced degrees in education. All of our teachers are offered opportunities for professional upgrading regularly. As well, our teachers are expected to maintain high academic standards. As a result, our academic program fosters the development of those skills which allow students to become independent learners able to contribute to society.


Catholic schools offer a safe and structured environment in which students are able to learn and in which they are encouraged to develop the skills of self-discipline and cooperation with others. Attendance is monitored closely, homework which is age and grade-appropriate is assigned and parents are kept well informed about their child's progress. When required, we are able to offer our students and their families additional resources to facilitate a student's growth. Clinician services in reading, speech and language, psychology, audiology and social work are available to our schools through the Child Guidance Clinic of Winnipeg.


Our schools respect parents as the primary educators of their children. Our mission is to aid parents in carrying out their solemn duty to promote the growth and welfare of their children. Thus, it is through undertaking this shared responsibility that children are provided with a rich and meaningful educational experience.

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