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Sacrament of Confirmation

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This Sacrament is for children who are in grade six and older.  The children should have completed a minimum forty hours or two years in an ongoing program of Catechesis prior to the reception of this Sacrament. Students will be led to deepen their faith and experience it in daily living.

There are four sessions, led by parents and guided by teachers/catechists. There will be online resources available for at home review and a deepening of faith.

 These sessions, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, will focus on:

  1. Learning about Baptism and the lifelong journey of faith.

  2. Learning about the Holy Spirit.

  3. Learning about Mary and her role as the first disciple.

  4. Continuing to grow in personal holiness as the faith journey continues.



In addition there will be a Social Justice Project, a visit to the Archbishop’s residence, a Saturday Retreat just before the celebration of the Sacrament and a follow-up class after Confirmation.

Confirmation (why we're confirmed)

Sacramental preparation requirements


1) The candidate (child) for sacraments must be enrolled in the faith formation program a minimum of 2 years prior to being invited into the sacramental prep program.

2) The candidate must have received the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist prior to enrolled in the program.  

3) All children wishing to be Confirmed must attend the classes.

Fees & requirements

- Minimum age grade 6 

-  Prerequisite:  Baptism, Reconciliation & Eucharist 

- Registration  by Saturday, October 30, 2021



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