Sacrament of Confirmation

The "Alive in the Spirit" program invites candidates to grow increasingly attuned to the call God has made to them since the day of their baptism.  It also invites them to come to the Sacrament asking for divine help when they answer the baptismal call to live their lives at the table of the Lord and to be Christ to the world.  

Confirmation (why we're confirmed)

Sacramental preparation requirements


1) The candidate (child) for sacraments must be enrolled in the faith formation program a minimum of 2 years prior to being invited into the sacramental prep program.

2) The candidate must have received the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist prior to enrolled in the program.  

3) All children wishing to be Confirmed must attend the classes.

Fees & requirements

- Minimum age grade 6 

-  Prerequisite:  Baptism, Reconciliation & Eucharist 

- $45.00 registration fee for registered parishioners,

- $55.00 for non-registered families

(please make cheques payable to Christ the King Parish)