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Christ the King Parish began as a Mission of Holy Cross Parish in 1955. Fr. Azarie and Msgr. Charles Empson were the first priests of the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface to serve our parish. In 1955 the city of St. Vital came to the Churches aid and offered a fair price for the land at the corner of St. Mary’s Rd and Lennox Ave. There was an abandoned building on it and after renovations, it was used by the church as both a chapel on the second floor and a school with 4 classrooms on the main floor.


As the number of parishioners grew to 2000, the chapel became too small for Sunday Mass and the Mass was said at the St. Vital YMCA.

In 1958 A new Chapel with a school and auditorium was built on the St. Mary’s Rd property and the Sunday Mass was held in the auditorium. 


On September 21st, 1958, Christ the King Parish had a double ceremony when Rev. Father P.J. Collison blessed the cornerstone of the new chapel and school, and installed Rev. Father Robert Baxter as Pastor.

Mass in the auditorium proved to be unsatisfactory and the parishioners started planning to build a church beside the existing building.

The new church at 68 feet with an inverted V shape was the highest building in the city of St. Vital and had a seating capacity of 600.


Present at the opening ceremonies were Premier Duff Roblin, St. Vital mayor Harry Collins, St. Vital council, MLA Larry Desjardins and other civic and religious officials. Ministers representing four other faiths were also present at the opening.


On November 15, 1965, the first Mass was celebrated in the new parish church and on December 19, 1965 the new church was blessed by Archbishop Maurice Baudoux.




Around 1996, Christ the King redesigned the layout of it’s worship space. It added Chapel,

a new Baptismal Font and changed over to inclusive seating.









1957 -1967

Fr. Robert Baxter
Fr. St.Laurent
Fr. Eugene Raimbault
Fr. Noel Delaquit
Fr. John Brown
Fr. J.P. Leclaire

1967 – 1972

Fr. Bernard Belanger
Fr. Gerard Lambert
Fr. Roland Belanger
Fr. Aurel Lalonde
Fr. Clayton Purcell

1972 – 1977

Fr. James Gray
Fr. Renato Pasinato
Fr. Leonce Aubin

1977 – 1982

Fr. Renato Pasinato
Fr. Agnelo Pinto
 Fr. Edouard Bonin

1982 -1994

Fr. Eugene Raimbault
Fr. Edmond Baril
Fr. Robert McDougall
Fr. Clayton Purcell
Fr. Richard Machura
Fr. Roland Lanoie
Fr. Gerard Clavet

1994 -2014

Fr. Renato Pasinato
Fr. Owen Steeves 
Fr. Gerry Ward
Fr. Kevin Bettens
Fr. Phil Daley

2014 - 2016

Fr. Varghese Toppilan

2016 - 2020

Fr. Peter Genger
Priest Moderator 

2020 - Present

FR. Chrys Agu
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