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Lennox Social Club

An integral part of the Parish of Christ the King, in addition to all other groups and organizations which lend their efforts to the ongoing needs, is the Lennox Social Club.

The Lennox Social Club was first organized in 1961 by a group of dedicated volunteers, their first goal was to support the parish school, by paying off its debts. Government grants were not available for parochial schools at that time.

Originally named Lennox Men’s Club, it had evolved into the Lennox Social Club, and with time became more inclusive as women joined.

In 1965 our club was instrumental in forming the Shamrock Social Club which involved three other communities supporting Catholic schools. The parishes of St. Eugene, St. Gerard and St. Emile.  Over the years the Shamrock Social Club has seen several organization come and go, but now consist of Christ the King Parish and St. Gerard Parish which has seen a renewed success in their activities.

The volunteers of the Lennox Social Club expanded their weekly bingo to two evenings a week for the past twenty years. The club is licensed as a charitable organization, and is monitored by the Manitoba Lotteries Commission.

Since its inception our club has played an active part in parish activities, as well as providing continuing support to the school. Our first major challenge was helping to build our church by assuming the parish debt of $94,000. (Before starting construction, the parish had to be debt free.) Once the church was completed, our club paid for pews, tiling and the church hall which included a modern kitchen. Over the years the club has purchased adjacent properties required for expansion of the school yard, parking lot, and many school buses.

Today the Lennox Club primary purpose is to financially support Christ the King Schools’ capital need and is doing this solely by the operation of the Shamrock Bingo.  

The future of the club and its functions can only be assured with continued dedicated support of many willing and caring workers. Thank you to all of them who work hard, some who have passed on, others from the founding group (CTK Church Building Committee) who were still volunteering till just a few years ago, and new volunteers who give generously of their time for the good of the parish.

May God continue to guide us as we work to complete our goals.

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