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Ministry of Altar Servers

Altar servers assist in the liturgical action. They take part in the entrance procession and reverence the altar prayerfully. At times they carry objects in procession and at times they assist in the sprinkling rite or the use of incense. They walk slowly and with dignity. Altar servers honour the symbols of liturgy and carry them with care.  They contribute to the smooth flow of the liturgy by performing their tasks efficiently, unobtrusively, and with graceful movement. They participate fully with the rest of the assembly during the liturgy, responding with the assembly in word, song, and prayer.

Questions for each of us: 
Do I appreciate the efficient assistance that altar servers provide? 
Do I have a special reverence for what takes place at the altar? 
Am I comfortable in my body and do I move with dignity?



This Ministry assists to ensure the celebration of the various celebrations of the church’s liturgy (Sunday Eucharist, weddings, funerals, etc) are well choreographed and beautiful. As cross bearer, candle bearer, book bearer and altar server, those who participate in this Ministry bring dignity and grace to each movement of the assembly’s worship. This apostolate is open to adults, families and children who have received their first Eucharist. (C / Y / YA / A)

All participants will be asked to participate in formation opportunities and ministry meetings periodically in order to participate

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