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Ministry of Preparation

Ministers of preparation are people who love liturgy and are concerned about how it unfolds. They are willing to serve from behind the scenes and may do so in  different ways. 

People in this ministry are creative and have a special concern about the look and feel of liturgy. In collaboration with the pastor, they make certain the worship space serves the needs of the assembly adequately. 

Questions for each of us: 
Do I feel our liturgical space serves our prayer well or do I see possibilities for improvement?
Do I have ideas about enhancing the space for the liturgical seasons? 
Am I willing to learn more about liturgy and its environment?


Other ministers of preparation are mass coordinators, those who coordinate each Lord’s Day celebration or the weekday masses. They prepare all that is needed for the celebration of the eucharist. They perform their tasks before the assembly is gathered. They clean up after liturgy, properly purifying and washing communion vessels. They attend to all the details, leaving the priest more energy to preside and preach. 

Questions for each of us: 
Do I have a special concern for the prayer of my community? 
Do I like ritual and symbolic action? 
Do I appreciate liturgy that goes smoothly? 
Am I bothered when it doesn’t? 
Am I interested in learning more about liturgy? 

If you are interested in this ministry please contact the parish office at:

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