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Ministry Vacancies

"Dear brothers and sisters, the Church loves you!

Be an active presence in the community,

as living cells, as living stones."

Pope Francis. (5/5/13)


Ministry Vacancies

Please click on the relevant links to take you to the appropriate contact person.

Youth Faith Formation - HELP NEEDED NOW!

Bible Camp

Christ the King Parish has traditionally held a Summer Bible Camp for the Children of our community. We are in need of a new coordinator to put on the camp. It is a program that is already put together with all the materials and outlines to run the camp. 


If you feel this is a Ministry that you may be interested in please contact Patti at 

A Parish Priority

Hospitality - HELP NEEDED NOW!

​Hospitality Committee Members

The Hospitality Committee is a new committee, that is a priority of our Parish Renewal process.

The Hospitality committee will study and evaluate the meaning of Hospitality in a parish community. With this knowledge the committee shall develop a plan, and help to organize parish teams such as Greeters, Ushers and any other team needed to meet the goals of the Committee. 

A Parish Priority


Outreach Committee Members

The Outreach Committee is a new committee, that is a priority of our Parish Renewal process.

The Outreach Committee is focused on looking beyond the four walls of our Parish with the principals of being Disciples and making Disciples, and by doing so it ensures that the parish mission is our primary focus when planning the year’s activities. The committee will oversee, encourage and support the teams that put on the events and activities.

Liturgical Ministers

  1. Altar Servers  If you have received your First Communion, you can serve.

Fundraising Team 

We are in need of a Fundraising Team. The team will work on fundraising activities that are not social related activities. For example Bulletin advertising, gift cards or anything else that the team comes up with.


The much needed revenue helps our Parish maintain and hopefully expand programs as well as much needed capital projects. 

Stewardship Talents Coordinator - to help coordinate all the volunteers! And find purposeful matches for their talents and gifts. 

The Stewardship Coordinator is responsible for:

  • managing the Steward recruitment process

  • matching Stewards with opportunities to best use their talents and gifts

  • updating the volunteer database

  • coordinating appreciation events

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