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Special Appeal 

The Parish windows have been a long time on the Parishes to do list, and it is now on the next to do list. The window project is a major project that entails a considerable amount of planning and approvals, but we are finally ready to check this one off our list.

Even though all the projects plans are still not finalized, we are ready to move forward with the hope of minimising any further delays in this desperately needed project. 

In order to proceed with the project we will need to start with fundraising through a Special Appeal 


Stage 1 Complete 

Please Note:

We are no longer taking donations for the Window Project, but by continuing to contribute to the maintenance of the parish it will allow the parish to pay down loans that were acquired associated the window project.


Funding the Project

The Financial Council is putting out a request to help help finance  this important project of replacing the Parish windows through a Special Appeal. Details of the project can be seen below.

The project cost is estimated to be $67,800.00 for Stage 1 and will be financed by:

  • This Special Appeal

  •  Sir Thomas Cropo Foundation

  • Capital/Maintenance savings (blue envelopes).

  • Knights of Columbus and Catholic Woman's League fundraising efforts 

  • Loan.

Even though we are debt free due to the generosity of Christ the King Parishioners, the parish still need to raise funds prior to receiving approval to proceed with the replacing of the windows. 

How to Contribute 

  • Simply by using the Special Appeal Envelopes located in the Church Pews and at the back entrance of the Church.

  • By stopping by the Parish Office.

You will receive a Tax receipt for all donations over $10 to the Special Appeal 

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About the Project

With every challenge comes new opportunities 

Our Parish came together in 1958 with our first building that consisted of a chapel and school. Then we started building our beautiful Church that opened in 1965.

With a 53 year old church building the need for major maintenance is great, and the church windows is in such need. Although many of the window units have been replaced over the decades we still have the original frames on all the windows in the sanctuary space, which are in desperate need of replacing.  

Some of the issues that must be addressed:

  • Rotten sills and mullions

  • Broken seals 

  • Broken panes

  • Very low R value 

With taking on a project of this type it gives us the opportunity to not only enhance the beauty of our worship space but also improve the efficiency of the windows.



 The project has a several goals :

  • Replacement of the windows 

  • Enhancement of the worship space 

  • Be environmentally responsible 

  • Be fiscally responsible

With this in mind the project will endeavour  to take advantage of the opportunities that presented itself:

  • Stage 1 - South & North Sanctuary windows 

    • 64 feet of windows that are 7 feet high ​

    • 6 small windows under the beams

    • North side office windows

  • ​Stage 2 - West Sanctuary windows and doors 

    • ?? feet of windows front entrance of Sanctuary

  • Stage 3 - Rectory windows

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